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$1,500,000 investment capital secures 45%

Invest in a Private Island catering to the cruise ship industry. Big French Cay is a tropical island developed as a resort property in the Southwest Caribbean offering a conservative estimate of return at 150% in just the first 5 years.

The owner will spend $1,100,000 to $1,250,000 immediately on upgrades allowing a maximum of 250 guests per day in the first year. This expenditure should increase the value of the property around $2.2 million, adding another layer of protection for the investor.

An Attractive Destination

Roatana newer popular destination for the cruise ships in the Caribbeanoffer 2 major docking facilities. The facility on Big French Cay offers a private island destination that will be able to handle up to 250 guests a day looking to enjoy private tropical island adventure.

During high season, we have the capacity for accommodating the following:

cruise ships per day (between 2-6 avg)

Passengers per cruise (2200-3500 avg)

tourists per day (Between 3k-7.5k avg)

Overnight guests at our resort

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Mahogany Bay described by Carnival Cruises

Cruise to Mahogany Bay and you’ll feel like you won the island lottery. With silky-sand beaches and diamond-clear seas, the island of Roatan is one of the Caribbean’s hidden gems. And there’s no better way to experience this natural paradise than on a cruise to Honduras. The largest of Bay Islands is a real beauty, built on a backbone of volcanic rock and ringed by the world’s second largest coral reef. Carnival cruises to Roatan promise superb diving and fishing, plus totally swoon-worthy beaches.

Quote from Carnival Cruises’ website

The project

The owner is responding to inquiries from cruise ship representatives and tour operators, by updating Big French Cay to accommodate up to 250 guests off the cruise ships who arriving daily.

As an active cruise ship destination, between 2 to 6 ships a day arrive at Roatan during the high season.  The average cruise ship stopping in the island will be carrying 2,200 to 3,500 passengers looking to enjoy a little island flavor. This has stimulated the need to entertain an additional 3,000 to 6,500 tourists a day that flood the island for 3 to 6 hours in search of a little taste of the Caribbean lifestyle.

Learn about our island's history

The owner made this micro-documentary in 1990, showcasing the island’s history.

Guests at Big French Cay will still experience the awesome grandeur of nature without sacrificing the comfort of a world-class resort. They will truly be adventurers in paradise.

John R. Brady III, Owner

Objectives and future plans

1. Big French Cay Investment Company

Will headquarter the Investment Corporation on Cayman Islands under a Grand Cayman LLC. The Cayman LLC will handle bookings and distribute the investment funds. Grand Cayman was chosen as corporate headquarters for obvious tax benefits and its ability to operate in US dollars.

2. Big French Cay Management Company

The management company will hold a five-year lease on the island, be responsible for the daily functioning and management plus daily upkeep of the property. The management company will be a Honduras Corporation operating under the jurisdiction and laws of the Republic of Honduras. This offer an extra layer of liability protection for the Investment Corporation.

3. Exit strategy

The appraised value of the property after improvements should increase to approximately $6.5 to $7.5 million based on similar properties. The 5 year capitalization rate is harder to verify since the cruise ship activity is a fairly recent phenomena. But using similar properties operation in the area and there appraised value Mr. Brady as used a conservative rate based on cash flow of a value 10 million US dollars at the end of five years for Big French Cay.

4. Editor’s note

All references are on original development of the northwest section of Big French Cay owned by Mr. John R. Brady since 1976 which consists of 3.7 acres. This section is owned free and clear, with an appraised value of approximately 2.75 to 3.5 million US dollars in 2018. For more in-depth information contact us below.

More about Roatan

Christopher Columbus, on his last voyage, discovered the Bay Islands in 1502 and named them the Islands of pines. The original islanders were Payan Indians, who helped Columbus resupply his ships with fruit, vegetables, fish and turtles. On this voyage he discovered cacao, the core of chocolate, which he introduced to the court of Spain.

Capt. Henry Morgan the king of the buccaneers used Roatan in his sacking of Panama. The Spanish later attacked the islands, killing and imprisoning any French or English settlers calling it a haven for Pirates. Robert Moore, in his book Treasure Hunters, describes the finding of treasure from the sacking of Panama on Roatan.

Today Roatán (Spanish pronunciation: [ro.a.ˈtan]) is noted for its crystal-clear waters its good-natured English inhabitants and great seafood. Originally’s part of the first English settlement in the New World by the Providence company the original English, islanders supported the largest privately owned fishing industry in Latin America.

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